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Safeguarding Children Through Technology

SafeWatch is a new and innovative approach to Safeguarding that uses cutting edge security technology along with the power of business intelligence tools to give a clear and concise view of Safeguarding in schools.


SafeWatch provides support to Safeguarding in a school in 4 areas; education, filtering and monitoring, reporting and alerts and incident management.

Enterprise Grade Security - Web Filtering - Data Analysis

The system regularly asks staff and children Safeguarding/E-Safety questions and records the results.  This part of the system can also distribute updates to staff and records that they have read them.

Filtering and Monitoring

The filtering and monitoring is typically provided through a WatchGuard unified threat management device, recently WatchGuard were listed as visionaries in the area network security. These devices refresh their database of threats every few seconds.  These devices are configured with a Safeguarding specific configuration in line with the latest government guidance, in addition they provide the latest in network security for the organisation.

Reporting and Alerts

This is an area that SafeWatch really shines, we have used business intelligence tools to work with the data generated by the filter to give an unprecedented level of reporting and visibility.  The current Safeguarding reports from existing providers are rudimentary and inflexible giving only the providers interpretation of a safeguarding report.  Using the Microsoft PowerBI platform we can go from a whole school view down to an individual through a graphical representation of the schools online activity that only relates to possible safeguarding issues, removing the need to sift through everything that has been blocked.  The system can be tuned to reflect the schools view on Safeguarding for example the system can block content, monitor content and alert on content identified as a high risk and that needs immediate action.  A recent example of the alerting was a student accessing sites relating to suicide, this had been configured as a high risk and therefore generated an email alert to the safeguarding team and appropriate support was put in place.

Built with best in class technology partners
Incident Management

This is a safeguarding specific incident management database which allows any safeguarding incident to be logged along with all actions and notes recorded.