Safeguarding Children Through Technology

Welcome to SafeWatch, where we harness the power of technology, security, filtering and data to keep young people safe. SafeWatch uses the latest security and business intelligence tools to give an unprecedented understanding of young people's activity in the online world. SafeWatch can help schools, colleges and residential homes fulfill the Safeguarding and Prevent responsibilities in a positive and educational way. This will help young people build the necessary skills to stay safe in the digital world.



SafeWatch combines the best security products along with business intelligence tools to give a suite of tools that educate, analyse and help you manage Safeguarding in your organisation.

Because SafeWatch captures the data not just from the filtering it helps schools to have a complete view of safeguarding, including staff and students safeguarding knowledge, their actual online activity and any safeguarding incidents.  An example of how this is useful is that a student may answer a safeguarding question correctly but the monitoring and reporting shows that their actual behaviour is different, this puts the school in strong position to offer additional appropriate support.


SafeWatch was built in collaboration with various schools. The SafeWatch team has strong roots in education and has worked with technology to help Safeguard young people for over 8 years. Many of our staff have families and the subject of keeping children safe is something that is very close to our hearts. Regardless of whether you are a SafeWatch customer or not we will always be happy to share our experience and skills to help keep young people safe.



Privacy Statement - In submitting a form to SafeWatch Online Ltd the data you are giving consent for us to hold this data in Wix and Microsoft Cloud Services for the purpose of dealing with your enquiry.  The data will be stored in compliance with our information security policy which is available upon request, if you have any questions or queries around your data and it's privacy then please email

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